What Does it Take to be an Officer?

What does it take to be an officer?

by Vaun Halstead

One of the preferred professions of students is working for law enforcement. So, what does it take to be a police officer?  Well if you have a high school diploma, then most police officers will accept you as an officer trainee As time moves on though, some police stations are making their officers have an associates degree or one or two years of college classwork in order to advance or even get hired.

There are also other steps to becoming a police officer.  After you are accepted for the job, you have to pass the Law Enforcement Entrance Exam.  Some of the tests given include Asset, Compass and LEE (Law Enforcement Examination).

After a candidate takes and passes the Law Enforcement Entrance Exam, they have to go to the police academy.  The police academy is where applicants receive the most important training that will allow them to serve as police officers.  Training can last six months with a curriculum covering topics such as search and seizure, criminal statutes, traffic laws, firearms training, driver training and physical conditioning.

After you finish the police academy, you can work toward a promotion.  Depending on the department, moving up the ranks depends on level of experience, performance reviews, scoring well on a written promotion exam and obtaining additional skills and training. Pay increases with a promotion, but so does the level of responsibility and potential bureaucracy.

The police department is a great opportunity for you to serve your community and to help protects people.  It might not be as well paying or as easy to get into as other jobs, but it is very rewarding.