Teacher Take a STAND for Education

Teachers Take a


for Education

By Dylan Hammond

Many schools in Oregon shut down and thousands of teachers marched at the Capitol on Wednesday, May 8. They were all supportive of an increase of funding towards education throughout Oregon.

Recently the Senate was supposed to vote on a law that would add more taxes to increase funding for Oregon education, but the Republican members of the Senate refused to show up to vote, not a quorum, so no vote could be taken.

This protest was led by thousands of teachers across the state. They all believe the law should be put in place to fix many of the problems of the education system. Increased funding would help reduce class sizes, add curriculum, and overall improve the education experience.

The main reason why some are opposed to this movement is because of PERS or the Public Employee Retirement System. The PERS system has its own problems, and the many of the members of the Senate that failed to show up for the vote believe it should be reformed before the vote for increased funding takes place. The PERS system offers a pension to public employees such as retired teachers who have taught for over 30 years. PERS funding has begun to cost districts more and more money which costs into what they can spend on students, so many don’t want increased education funding until PERS is changed.

Many Pleasant Hill teachers expressed their support for the movement by wearing t-shirts with the phrase “Red for Ed.” Some teachers such as Mr. Gray took part of the public protests, and marched at the Capitol in Salem.