Sweeps Down the Plains

Sweeps Down The Plains

by Sam Langeliers

Sweeping down the plains, PHHS students ripped and roared their way through a sparkling and hilarious production of Oklahoma! This May the Pleasant Hill Community Theater had a hard-working cast which managed to pull the acting/dancing/singing production off without a hitch. Well, maybe a few hitches, but the audience enjoyed it nevertheless.

“I think one of my favorite parts of the experience as a whole, was rehearsing the Smokehouse scene,” said Sam Langeliers, who played Curly. “There’s a specific line of dialogue where other Sam (Sam Savolainen, who played Jud) tells me about a horribly morbid event, where a farmhouse burns down, and the family inside dies. But for whatever reason, whenever we would start that one line, we’d both start laughing uncontrollably.”

“Our pianist and director couldn’t understand it, but they’d laugh too. If it seemed like Sam and I were gonna make it through the scene without laughing, we’d look over at our director or pianist, and their look would make us start laughing. It got so bad  that when we were actually performing the scene, Sam and I would have to lock eye contact with each other, and our director and pianist would stare directly at the ground. It was the only way we could make it through the scene. It was hilarious.”

Carrie Jackson (who played Ado Annie) said, “My favorite part, was the cast. It was phenomenal. I also really liked being a comical character because I’ve never really been that before. But, gosh, it feels good to get laughs. People will definitely underestimate that forever. Especially before the matinee, I didn’t realize it until then, how much I depended on the laughs. All of a sudden I wasn’t getting them, and I was like ‘oh my gosh, am I doing something wrong?’”

Carrie added that “The best part was probably blocking the scene with Sam Langeliers in the Smokehouse. We were unlead when we first blocked it by the director. We were left open to our interpretation of what to do, and building off Sam was fun. It’s kinda weird, the topic we did though. For that scene, it’s a topic that’s not really socially acceptable topic to talk about in this day and age. But it’s really fun to just joke about it, and be freed by it. Also [I was impressed] when Florian (our french exchange student) came in the day he broke his collarbone— props to him.”

At the very end of the last performance, the director’s mother brought forward the three graduating members of the cast: Sam Langeliers, Sam Savolainen, and Nicole Michlanski to compliment. Then, Sam Langeliers gave a short speech thanking the cast and the audience which was met with tears.

Oklahoma! was phenomenal, and to our graduating cast members, we can’t wait to see what you do next.