Students Deal with Injuries

Students deal with injuries

by Shyanne Fenley

What percent of students do you think GET INJURED during sports? Fifty percent? Maybe 75 percent?

Nope, 90 percent of athletes get hurt playing a sport.

There is no logical way to stop ALL THE INJURIES during sports, without making sports way too regulated.

Sports for most people is a stress reliever, exercise, fun, and exciting. Changing sports too much to try and lower the injury risk could change all of those dynamics. Sports is something that eighty percent of children 15-18 play

Sports don’t only help kids stay fit, they help with so many other dynamic features. Even considering the risk of getting injured during a sporting event may be worth it. A stress reliever, usually help academically, physical health/mental health benefits, and helps with friendships/teamwork.

So, is it worth taking the risk? Being a athlete myself it is worth the risk. Worth the risk of getting shin splints or tennis elbow, both of those injuries are very common for student athletes.