Should Teachers be Armed?

Should Teachers be Armed?

By Lauren Ashwill

School shootings have been around for a very long time, but it seems like there’s been an increase in them lately. There are people who have discussed with this seeming rise in shootings. That one thing is whether or not teachers should be armed.

Some schools tried everything else including clear backpacks and metal detectors. These precautions have worked in keeping people safe, but not in making students feel safe.

In a poll taken by the Pleasant hill students (10-12), the idea of metal detectors and clear backpacks made the students unhappy. Some also said it would make them feel like they were in a prison.

We asked the same students how they would feel about having armed teachers and 74.4% said “yes” or “maybe.” Students said “yes” because they trust their teachers and they feel that the teachers genuinely care. We also asked these students how they would feel about armed guards instead. 69.9% of students said “yes” or “maybe”.  Here, students probably said “yes” because they thought it was a much safer solution for both student and teacher.

We also found that students like the idea of having armed people at school in general. 83% of the students who took this poll said “yes” to having armed officials in school.

There was also a question about whether students thought this would change anything in school. The answers were very disheartening. They said no and that they didn’t feel heard.

“No, I don’t think it will. I hope it opens eyes of teachers and I really hope that something different happens.” “Nope nothing ever changes.” These are only two of the the many answers that said “no.” There are a few students who said yes, but that’s only if the right actions are taken by the principal and superintendent.