Did you know that Learning another Language Actually Makes you Smarter?

Did you know that learning another language actually makes you smarter?

by Jarek Jeffs


If you think about it, you have to know the words, pronunciation, and learn to listen better to other people when learning another language. All of these things take a lot of work. According to DIY genius.“We need to acquire a repository of words, to form a vocabulary vast enough to express our messages. We also need the grammatical knowledge to put it all together. We need to use our muscles and motor control to wrap our tongue around the pronunciation. And we need to be able to do it fast, intuitively, without stopping to think about each translation.Fluency in any language requires a higher order understanding of it. Memorization will fall short, you can’t just accumulate words, you need to see the relationships and interactions between them.”

There are many benefits of learning languages. You can talk to more diverse people and you can be called “Bilingual” or “polyglot.” As there are benefits there are also cons to learning new languages. For example, when you speak two languages they are both active when you speak, therefore you have to do something while you are speaking.

Vocabulary is also affected. You will know words in different languages but you might learn fewer words for the language. Therefore you would have a smaller vocabulary because you have to focus on the speaking of sense in language not some weird words. There is also the risk that when you get confused with the languages, you could accidently write or speak the wrong language.

Did you know you could be more or less Bilingual, it depends on how well you speak the language. If you know a few words you are less bilingual but you know more, kind of obvious. If you want to learn languages, you could get the app Duolingo. I have also tried this app and it works.

Some advantages in careers is that they like to have people that are “Bilingual” or “Polyglots” especially for businesses that are in multiple countries. Thing is you could definitely help knowing languages, Matilda Garcia said ,”My favorite thing is to help any person translate and teach them new words.”