AirPods Make you Cool

AirPods Make You Cool

by Hunter Allen

Everyday when you walk in the halls, you see people wearing airpods. You think to yourself, ‘Wow, they are so cool. I wish I was as cool as them.’

When in reality the person wearing them goes, ‘Why did I buy these? They are smaller and much easier to lose, they don’t get as loud as normal headphones, when you take them out of your ears they skip the song half the time because they are so sensitive to touch. I think they were just a big waste of money. Yes they are nice since they don’t get in the way when I work out, but other than that, I wish I didn’t buy them.’

The sound quality of Airpods is not good and the range is not as good as other wireless earbuds. Galaxy Pods have better range by about 5 feet, I know it isn’t much but it is still more and the sound quality is better. Galaxy pods are also 30 dollars cheaper.

Certain Beats are  cheaper or the same price as Airpods. These Beats are able to completely block out outside sound so you can focus on what you’re doing and your music. The sound quality is also much better than that of Airpods and Galaxy Pods.

Now you see that Airpods are not the “go-to” wireless headphone.