Our Very Own Podcast

The students at Pleasant Hill are taking their passion project public with the creation of Pleasant Hill’s very own podcast. With Maddy Lyda (11), Morgan Murphy (11), and Faith Huff (11) at the helm and eager to bring on guests, this looks to be very promising.

When asked about the reasoning for starting the podcast, the girls had various answers. “To talk,” said Maddy Lyda (11). “To entertain,” said Morgan Murphy

“We aren’t really doing anything serious. It’s our own little rant session,” said Faith. According to the team, Mr. Meinzen, publications and history teacher, had given them the idea initially, but the girls have since taken it and ran. From assigning each other roles in production, to already having a few episodes produced and waiting to be uploaded, they’ve already been working on this project for a while, On their planned uploading schedule, Huff and Murphy have expressed interest in starting small and then moving into a faster paced upload schedule.

“We’re starting at twice a month and then eventually once a week,” said Huff.

They’re also toying with the idea of uploading in the summer, but there aren’t any concrete plans yet.With the Pleasant Hill Education Foundation footing the equipment cost, we’re all watching with eager eyes to see the soon to be spectacle that is the Pleasant Hill Podcast.