Billies Turned Bulldogs? A visit to the Doghouse

By Sariah Bessey:

We see them as black, white, red. Our Rival.

We play them in sports, but do we really know them by anything other than the Creswell Bulldogs?

Ajay Giri (12) and I wanted to learn more about the Bulldogs so we took a trip to Creswell High School for a day. We were shown around by ASB President Allison Smathers and Vice President Joanna Pantoja.

The school was pretty welcoming to us. The welcome made it less awkward for both Ajay and I. Teachers were laid back about us being at the school. In fact, they seem to always be laid back.

While we were in math class, the Bulldogs were taking a math test. We watched about four people cheating and talking. However, with the teachers not being so strict, the students actually got work done. Students weren’t forced to do it. Also, Creswell has bells. That stops students from leaving way too early, like we do here.

During that class, a few students referred to us as, “The Pleasant Hill Kids.” I understand that because we had accidentally taken their seats a few times.

The overall school is pretty big. They have a gigantic lunch room, along with a café called “The Bulldog Café.

The hallways are pretty big, and they even have seperate ones for the seniors. This makes walking through less stressful because people aren’t in your way constantly. But I would totally get lost if I was by myself.

The school has a lot of character being pretty old. One of their classrooms use to be a greenhouse. Pleasant Hill, being mostly brand new, still hasn’t picked up much character in the building itself, but we still have time for that later. Creswell seems to be really diverse. You can hear plenty of students speaking Spanish to one another.

I was invited to have lunch really quickly from a few girls and I became friends with them pretty quickly. Everyone we met in Creswell is actually really nice. The school is not much for cliques because everyone just talks with each. I knew nothing about Creswell, except for it being our rival school and what their mascot is, the Bulldog. But now I’m really glad to be able to see a different perspective of our RIVAL.

“It seemed like the students are a lot more involved in class than we are.”

by Ajay Giri:

What’s it like to be a Bulldog instead of a Billie?

A couple weeks ago Sariah Bessey (11) and I attended Creswell High School for the day to go and see what it’s like. We shadowed two different students during the day. I shadowed Allison Smathers, who is also the ASB class President. I already knew her before going in because she is a close friend of mine and also my neighbor.

It was so weird going to Creswell because I’ve only ever been there one other time for a basketball game.

The first thing I noticed when I drove up was (besides their terribly awful attempts at parking), the seniors were allowed to decorate their whole space of their parking spot instead of just being able to put a short nickname on the curb. Additionally, other students have assigned parking and have to present their parking passes on their rearview mirror.

Creswell’s school day seems a lot more relaxed than ours. They still have a seven period day, but their classes are 53 minutes long. The teachers are also very relaxed and seem to be a lot less strict.

Oddly enough, it seemed like the students are a lot more involved in class than we are. I feel like the softness of the teachers made the kids want to learn more. Students were allowed to have phones out during class and they seemed to do a good job of not being distracted by them.

Creswell’s school dynamic is very different than ours. They don’t seem to have a lot of cliques at their school. It seems like everyone talks to everyone and there isn’t a lot of exclusion. This was kind of weird, because a lot of people tend to say Pleasant Hill has a lot of cliques.

Creswell also has a longer lunch. This was nice. I was able to get food, go to a friend’s house, and still not feel like I was rushed. However, most kids seem to stay on campus during lunch. I also noticed that they have a few vending machines that most kids like to go to. They have a bigger variety of snacks compared to ours.