Billies are #BoldforBlood

Billies are #BoldforBlood?  

by Myah Cunningham


Jarom Jeffs (10) was sitting in the Bloodmobile about to give blood for the first time. He was nervous, but he knew the reward would be worth it.

On October 29, the Bloodmobile and Bloodwork’s phlebotomists came to Pleasant Hill High School. Blood drives are always an exciting time at our school to come together to help our community. The signup sheet was full the day of the blood drive. We had 32 official donors and 39 registrees. Together, we met our goal of 36 donations.

A lot of people are scared to donate blood. Needles aren’t a favorite experience for anybody, but Amar Rupnawar (11) explained, “At first I was nervous about the idea of having a needle put in my arm and losing blood, but the overall experience was not as bad as I expected. I encourage everyone to donate.”  Amar was not sure about donating when he was first asked, but later he admitted that the thought of saving a life was more important than his fear of needles.

Others, like Sariah Carrillo (11) love to donate whenever given the chance. While many people were scared to donate, everyone gained the satisfaction of saving a life in our community. Dylan Hammond (12) said, “It was great to be able to do something that’s pretty simple.”

Sidney Sullivan (11) was one who donated and she had a great experience. “It was so good, you know it! It wasn’t scary at all, so people next time should not be scared to do it.”  

People may not realize it, but putting together a successful blood drive is difficult. It took months of preparation and a whole team of willing volunteers to make it possible. Donating blood may not seem like a huge impact to our community, but the rewards are undeniable.