Keeping our Friends after High School: A Matter of Convenience or the Heart?

By Skylar Hoffman:

Imagine the fall after graduation. Seniors are all going their different ways, some off to college, some to work, and some to the military.

Do people lose touch with their high school friends after graduation? Most people might say yes, but it really depends on each person and how good they are at keeping in touch.

This is when you find out who your real friends are. A lot of people who are your friends in high school are your friends because you are both in high school and have to be there.

After highschool, the people you stay in touch with are your true friends. It’s not that you don’t care about those other people you were friends with in highschool. It’s just because you have more in common with those few friends you do stay in touch with.

It’s a perfectly normal thing to loss track of a lot of the people after high school. You don’t lose touch with them because you don’t like them, you’re just moving on with your life.

Angelique Eisel (12) will probably be going off to the military so they can pay for her college. She would love to stay in touch with some of her high school friends, but not unless they make the effort to hang out with her, so “probably not.”

I know right now leaving your friends after high school seems like a big deal, but you will be so busy with your daily life.