A Scholarship in Memory of Jordan Jeffs

By Myah Cunningham:

Jordan Jeffs created many adventures and fun memories. Jordan could be a clown who could make anyone laugh with his love of donuts, his dedication to studying vocabulary terms for Biology, or his “space pants.”

I remember one summer when Jordan was in a relationship with my older sister. He was over at our house playing games and watching movies, but the fun had to end when I needed to fold the laundry. Jordan — being the gentleman that he was — offered to do it because I really had no desire to do so.

Truth was, Jordan did not know how to fold towels. He wrapped them in a way that made the towels too big to fit back in the closet. I remember how hard he made me laugh. I appreciated him offering to help, but I still had to go back and refold the towels. Jordan was a character who was indelible to all of us.

The class of 2018 created a new scholarship in honor of their classmate, Jordan Jeffs, who died September 6, 2016. In total, the class donated $2,000 to the new scholarship. The hope for the scholarship is to donate $500 each year to a student meeting the requirements still being decided on.

The scholarship is being handled by the Pleasant Hill Education Foundation, but the guidelines for applicants will be set by the Jeffs family. This new scholarship honoring Jordan Jeffs will be started in the spring of 2019.

Jordan Jeffs loved life at Pleasant Hill, and this scholarship is just one way his classmates chose to return the love.