Fun Teachers Find Fans

While this picture at an assembly does not accurately capture the fun that Mr. Jay Gray and Ms. Jessica Jampolsky bring, it is obvious to anyone in their classes. Or out. Gray’s hearty laughs and Jampolsky’s hyper dramatic stories make every class an adventure.

By Danielle Stone:

Our teachers are the basis of our school. Without them, we’d all be idiots. This year we have some fun teachers, who almost all students appreciate and care for, and some teachers that maybe aren’t so beloved by our peers. Who are the teachers who have made good impressions on new students these past weeks?

Natalie Mann (9) says “Mr. Meinzen (Publications) is my favorite high school teacher because he engages the students and makes class fun.”

Rachel Carlile, a new 10th grader, agrees, saying that Mr Meinzen is “funny yet still informative.”

Anna Reed (9) comes with a perspective that seems to be upheld among many 9th graders: that Mr. Dubé (science) is her favorite because he has interesting stories, seems cool, and is different from the science teachers she’s had before.

Coming from a different side, Jillian Seitz (9), when asked who her favorite teacher was and why, said “Mrs. Billings, because she always knows the best way to teach her class. Even if the class is humongous, she always finds a way to make it so much fun, and the assignments we get are so fun too, but you never see her in a bad mood.

She’s always happy, cheerful, and hardworking with a good spirit. Even after having a baby she is even more amazing for being a full time teacher and mom at the same time!”